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How i get massive traffic from pinterest and make $300/day in adsense

Pinterest Group Boards + Adsense (THE STRATEGY)

Notice: You will need to do content curation (gathering articles about your niche, posting it on your WordPress blog and at the end of each article giving back link to the real author of the article). It’s against TOS of Adsense so do it on your risk, just make sure that you are always staying under the radar which means that you should not earn more than 5,000$/monthly, because if you earn more, google will check your websites manually and you will get BAN.

For this method, you’ll need Adsense (Non-hosted one so that you can put Adsense code on any website) and few Pinterest Group boards (Each should have minimum 10K followers).

For invites in group boards, you have three ways:

1. Build your group boards. You can do it manually but it will take you 1-2 years, or you simply pay 1000s of dollars on Pinterest ads. For this, you’ll need 4/5K dollars as a budget, so if you don’t have money this way is not for you.

2. You can ask for invites. You can simply comment on the latest pin of boards and ask for an invite. Tell them kindly that you can share lots of valuable pins here and you’ll be the best contributor.

3. You can buy invites. SEOclerks is best way to do this, back in 2017 there are couple of sellers there to choose from. :(

Now about the strategy itself - Let's Start!
For me, Pinterest worked better with Fitness niche. These sub-niches are working great too: Slimming thighs; how to get slim legs, how to get six pack abs; Yoga and Pilates. If you don't already own blogs with a lot of pics and content you must create them.

Go and register 5 domains (.com/.net/.info/.org extensions are better than .top/.xyz/.site), buy hosting for these domains and install Worpdress as a CMS. Install any free theme on which you can simply add new posts. Down below you can see A MUST plugins for Wordpress, which you’ll need for this method:

· Custom share button – for pinterest pinning button (because I’m pinning articles (pictures of it) manually.

· Yoast SEO – for getting good score on keywords and having high CPC on adsense

· Insert Post ads – This one is for inserting adsense codes in articles. You simply get 3 different ad codes from adsense, two should be large and one should be mobile optimized one. Firstly put two large ads and at the end of article, insert mobile optimized one.

You can get .com domains for cheap prices at NameSilo paying only 8.99 for each .com domain with whois privacy for free; but please also test other cheap extensions, they may work for you. For me cheap extensions are getting less traffic than .com domains (when I get 1000 visitor daily for .com domain, with .top domains I’m only getting 150-200 visitors). If you need cheap hosting for wordpress use - they offer hosting for $4.15/month

So you have 5 Wordpress blogs with no content. Go to pinterest, search for “how to lose weight”; “how to slim my legs”; “how to slim thighs”, check the top pins and go to their websites. Now you can gather all the content from that websites (with images of course, because image is a must for pinning), post that articles on your blog and link back to real author at the end of each article. This is content curation, It’s against TOS of adsense, do it on your risk.

You have 5 blogs, so add 10 articles on each blog today. So you have 50 articles and you have to pin these 50 articles in all group boards you have (for example you are contributor in 10 group boards). So you have to pin 50 articles in 10 group boards – This is how you do it, to avoid early bans (I mentioned “early” because bans of that blogs will come sooner or later. why? Oh, because we are going to do aggressive pinning from that blogs):

1st Blog has 10 articles – you have to pin to all 10 group boards which means 100 pins a day from that blog
2nd Blog has 10 articles – you have to pin to all 10 group boards which means 100 pins a day from that blog
3rd Blog has 10 articles – you have to pin to all 10 group boards which means 100 pins a day from that blog
4th Blog has 10 articles – you have to pin to all 10 group boards which means 100 pins a day from that blog
5th Blog has 10 articles – you have to pin to all 10 group boards which means 100 pins a day from that blog

At the end of the day you’ll have 500 pins in different sub-niches of Fitness. The main thing is that you better use different Pinterest accounts for each blog. For example pinning from 1st blog should be done by 1st Pinterest account; pinning from 2nd blog should be done by 2nd Pinterest accounts, etc.

Don’t pin articles from different blogs with the same account, Pinterest will ban your account in just few minutes after doing it. If you want to be more safe, then you can have 2 Pinterest accounts for pinning from 1st blog (like 1st Pinterest account only pin in 5 group boards and 2nd Pinterest account only pins in other 5 group boards) ; 2 Pinterest accounts for pinning from 2nd blog, etc. – you get the idea, right?

So tomorrow add 10 new articles and images on each blogs and pin it. Do the same the day after tomorrow, etc. Literally you have to add new articles and pin that articles every day, EVERYDAY! NO Rest.

This is monthly traffic stats of my blogs:

 You can go for 20 group boards and get more than 5 blogs because it’s just an example. Trust, This strategy is ideal for Adsense. You’ll get easy $300 a day, but as I mentioned above, because we are doing content curation and it’s against TOS of adsense, always stay under radar – like never get more than $5,000 monthly because they will review your website manually and you will get BAN soon. So start small and test things yourself 

Another monetization methods

You can use Popads as additional monetization method. It will show popunder or popup ads to your visitors. They pay up to $4 per 1000 impressions from tier 1 countries like USA, NZ, AU, UK so you can make extra $50-$100/day.
Installation is easy, just add your website in the dashboard, wait for approval and then copy javascript into you blog header just below <head> section. (In wp go to Appearance->Editor->and edit theme header.php)

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