środa, 25 lipca 2018

Games for pennies for everyone

Many computer/console games fans already know G2A website, which should definitely not be called a typical online store. This is rather marketplace like ebay but focused only on games.

It is worth mentioning here that in G2A we buy only original and legal games, coming from official distributions. The same applies to various types of recharging codes, for example for the popular Xbox Live Gold, a subscription that gives additional privileges to Microsoft console users.
G2A is currently the world's largest provider of second-hand digital games, thanks in particular to its much lower prices. Many people often wonder why there is so cheap, games which cost a lot of money from the manufacturer, can be bought here with really big discounts. It is worth starting from the fact that a large part of the sellers in the G2A are private persons who sell their used games.

The popularity of the portal is confirmed by the huge number of offers that can be found there. We can easily buy newer and older games. We will find distributions to different regions of the world, and also use very easy price comparisons, which will allow us to choose the most attractive offer for us.


Of course, because of the form of the online marketplace, many customers have concerns about whether they will actually get the game after purchase or whether the key will work. However, G2A provides a buyer protection programme called G2A schield. They will refund every non working game key in no time.

Entering the G2A marketplace for the first time may seem to be a little difficult for many people. In fact, the website itself seems to have a very complicated interface, and the amount of information contained on the G2A is a bit too large. However, we will quickly learn to search for the games we are interested in, filter the results and find the best offers.

First of all, i recommend to register your user account with G2A at the beginning. Theoretically, you can of course buy without creating an account, but being a registered user you can track the shipment of games purchased by you, sell games or keys yourself, and also often take advantage of various bonuses that G2A offers quite regularly. There are over 200 payment options to choose from. You can buy games even with bitcoins.

So register at G2A now and enjoy games for pennies !

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